Our Vision

"Our Vision is to create great Physiotherapists"

Being a product of the norm, we are all too familiar with how Physiotherapy is taught and the holes students fall into in their junior years of practice. We aim to bridge this gap in clinical practice and evidence implementation by providing a multi-faceted and interactive approach to learning. 

Our Story

Miranda in the heart of Sydney’s south was the start of the Freshman Physio journey. We were classmates at Sydney Uni. But it wasn’t until we were fated by the Gods (aka Michael and Daniel from iMOVE) that we came to really know each other and the shared interest we had in research, current practice and educating others.

We were paired together to open a new clinic, in our first year out of University and in our first full-time Physio jobs. It was a bumpy ride and there were a mixture of emotions. First an abundance of energy and excitement, followed by great anxiety and fear of the unknown. Were we in over our head?

As you can imagine, the early years of practice is a lot about the unknown and navigating through it. Did I ask the right questions? Have I got an accurate diagnosis? Have I got the right treatment? When do I see this patient next? And now what do I do!?

We would spend long nights picking apart a chicken (with garlic) at El Jannah’s discussing and deliberating on research, treatment techniques and treatment progressions. Some of you in your first and second year of practice will know the mental challenges of doing a 10+ hour day and trying to follow it up with some research.

Fast forward a few years and we see the same trend in the new graduates we mentor in our practice today. It is from our journey of being students, to transitioning into mentors that we see a trend in the challenges that all new graduates and junior physiotherapists face. A trend we endeavour to change in order to give you a new narrative.

Adrian D'Costa

Colin Wong

Our Plan

  • Blogs
  • Infographics
  • Pathology based exercise prescription
  • Facebook live discussions
  • Discussion forum

Coming soon

  • Video series on treatment pathways.
  • Podcast.
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